University of Zagreb' Search Portal for Exchange Opportunities

Please read the information below before you search for available exchange opportunities from different partner universities around the world.

You can limit your search results by:
- program (exchange framework) - SMP (student mobility for traineeship), SMS (student mobility for studies), STA (staff teaching mobility), STT (training mobility), KA107 for non Partner Countries (non-EU) etc.
- country
- partner institution - name of the institution is most commonly in the original (mother tongue) language
- faculty (University of Zagreb is not integrated and it consists of 33 individual faculties)
- area of study or Subject area, for example Aeronautics, Agriculture etc.
- ISCED code - for example, 0912 is a code for the Medicine as a field of study

You can combine the options to get a specific view of what is available for you.
For example, which opportunities are available within Erasmus+ SMS (for studies) regarding the UniZg Faculty of Law with Universität Wien (Austria)

When you have completed the search you can click on the universities or relations (agreements) to get more specific information.